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Villa Ozone offers two saunas - dry and infrared.

A wide selection of saunas gives guests the opportunity to find the right sauna, with the right temperature and humidity. The additional fee for an hour's exclusive sauna rental is PLN 30.00 per person / for min. 2 people

Dry sauna

In the sauna, the body is exposed to dry, hot air, which has increased humidity for short periods of time, and to low temperatures while the body is cooled with cold water and air. The Finnish sauna cleanses the soul and body equally. Under the influence of heat, the pores expand and harmful metabolic products are removed with sweat. The skin becomes perfectly smooth, cleansed, silky soft and beautiful. After a sauna, nervous ailments such as stomach pain, insomnia and rapid heartbeats disappear.

The temperature here ranges from 85-100°C; air humidity in the cabin is 5-15%

sauna infrared

Sauna infrared (sauna ir) heats your body directly without warming the air around you -The sauna cabin is made of natural wood, similarly to a traditional sauna, but its healing effect is related to infrared rays and the heat energy they produce. They penetrate the body (to a depth of about 3-4 cm), thanks to which they quickly, effectively and directly affect the entire body. An infrared sauna does not have to be as hot as a traditional sauna. This has another additional advantage - it can be used by both children and the elderly, of course if there are no clear medical contraindications.

The temperature here ranges from 30-60°C; air humidity in the cabin is 5-25%