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of work

At our guests' disposal, we give a place where you can calm down, concentrate and get down to business.

Co-working space is a unique space that allows all our guests to work in a comfortable and calm atmosphere. It is a perfect place for all guests who want to work in a dedicated place. It is a unique combination of home atmosphere and an office space.

Coworking space

Unique combination of home atmosphere and an office

The co-working area offers high-speed Internet access, power sockets, printer and access to some great quality coffee and tea. This space was created to facilitate environment in which you can get down to work undisturbed. The co-working area is a dynamic space where you can meet in an informal atmosphere. On the large table there are four docking stations opened and closed on the flap. Each docking station has two USB inputs and a 220v plug.

Coworking space

Unique combination of home atmosphere and an office

Work and relax

Comfortable work place

In the co-working zone has furniture specifically adapted for both rest and work - including comfortable armchairs in which you can lay back and do your work. Good quality lighting makes the co-working zone a professional and comfortable place to work. The co-working zone in our hotel is a place where extremely functional design meets modernity, a friendly atmosphere and high-quality technological solutions. This is a place where you can focus on your business tasks. Stylish design, inspiring and adding energy, makes the co-working area in Villa Ozone a place where you just want to hang out.